10 Creative and Value Based Ways to Increase Holiday Sales

10 Creative and Value-Based Ways to Increase Holiday Sales

How do you increase your holiday sales? Here is a list of creative ways from different entrepreneurs and industry experts.

  1. Be where the customer is. Because that’s where the demand is. Don’t be waiting in the store when everyone is shopping online. Be online and social, too, and talk them through their purchase.
  2. Offer a platform for charity. Allow people to donate a small amount of money – even a dollar – to a charity that helps less fortunate people. You could also send e-mails with coupon codes for products, and tell them part of the proceeds go to charity.
  3. Get a popular bloggers review. Send them some freebies to sample and review online. They can add it to the gift list suggestion and it could drive website traffic.
  4. Create a sense of urgency. Shoppers are aware of the holiday dates. But putting a deadline on a sale or referral can make them act quicker.
  5. Host events or contest. The incentive would obviously be the prize you are offering. The benefit is that it makes people come to the store to participate, automatically increasing footfall. Or give away prizes to people who bought a product and took the best holiday picture with it. This makes them buy the product to participate.
  6. Special give-aways to loyal customers. Don’t always make them spend first. For these loyal few, give away gift vouchers or special coupons to let them know they are valued and appreciated.
  7. Create gift hampers or bundles. Put together gift bundles to make shopping easier without going broke. You could also combine products, offering them on discount, as a buy 1 get 1 free, or buy 1 get the second half price.
  8. Provide value through service. You may not be able to offer the kind of discounts others do because of the product you sell. However, if you offer product value and an exceptional customer experience through customer services, seamless website, mobile responsive site etc. you can still have a good business season.
  9. Teleseminars are a wonderful marketing opportunity. People are relaxed, willing to listen and prepared to shop. They can watch participants wherever they are located, open up to new product ideas and react to them, giving shoppers an unbiased review.
  10. Get mums to endorse it! Yeah! If a mum says it, if a mum hears it from another mum, or if a mum gives her approval, everyone else will believe. Mums are the reliable source of information. So put your products in front of mums.

There you go! Some fun and clever ways to get the sales in the sack.

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