3 Important Factors That Build Brand Experience and Drive Sales

3 Important Factors That Build Brand Experience & Drive Sales

Have you ever wondered how certain products are selected over their competitor’s?

The answer to this question lies in creating memorable brand experiences that can be achieved by meeting buyer expectations, offering high quality products, and providing adequate after-sales service.

The company website is an ambassador of your brand. A robust web page with user-friendly navigation and useful content can contribute to improving brand experience. Presenting quality content in various forms such as written, graphic, audio or video on the web-page can convert new visitors and retain old ones.

Let’s delve in detail on the three factors that contribute to making the purchase decision and building the brand experience.

  1. Meeting Buyer Expectations

An important aspect of creating a brand experience is delivering products with the same specifications and features, as promised. Buyers have first-hand knowledge of all the product details, thanks to information being readily available online. True differentiation happens when sales teams are able to demonstrate how the product will solve the buyer’s problems.

TipHigh-quality marketing content such as case studies and customer success stories can be used to showcase how challenges were overcome using specific product features.

  1. Offering High-Quality Products

Purchasing behavior has been such that it is common for buyers to choose products that are highly priced in some cases. Buyers perceive higher prices to indicate better quality which gives sellers the upper hand. In some cases, it can be true. A good example is that of the BMW car, whose sales are growing steadily each year even though it is quite expensive compared to a more affordable car like a Honda. This can also be attributed to the high quality of BMW vehicles. Although factors like durability and ease-of-use do matter while making a purchasing decision, they gain importance only when coupled with exceptional product quality.

Tip – Highlighting the quality of the products on the webpage and other forums can give much-needed exposure to a brand. Product descriptions, newsletters, videos, and reviews can be used to engage with the buyer and garner his attention.

  1. Providing After-Sales Service

When it comes to service, buyers look out for sellers who can do routine maintenance and manage quick fixes in a timely manner. Buyers also take into consideration the number of times they need to call the helpline to register a complaint. The company gains a brownie point when it makes sure to call back the missed ones. Customer service skills such as clear communication and friendliness also help boost the prospects of driving sales for the company.

TipCustomer service reviews on popular forums and discussion boards enable buyers to make the purchasing decision effortlessly. Posting customer feedback on the main web page also helps to highlight the timely services rendered.

The above three factors not only help build brand experience; they also help nurture long-term customer relationships. Eventually, companies need to demonstrate their prowess in each of the above areas to improve brand experience and drive more business for the company. Content can play a major role in facilitating each of these factors and driving more leads to the company website. RAP has experience improving a company’s brand and boosting sales accelerating growth through content. If you are looking for a content partner to help grow your prospects, drop us a line and we would be glad to help.

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