4 Surprising Sales Mistakes: Are You Guilty

4 Surprising Sales Mistakes: Are You Guilty?

Mistakes in sales are going to cost you deals. Even the best sales team often makes this mistake when they handle leads and prospects. Never miss a chance to have a fresh lead on board, as missing out will hurt the long-term sales pipeline. As customers will have thousands of options to check, they can leave you faster than a blink. Loss is for you, so here are the 4 common mistakes that the sales team makes. This will help you to avoid these mistakes in the future.  

Check in the response  

The longer you wait to respond to a lead or prospect, the lower the likelihood to make a sale. You will come across a lot of eager clients’ responses to you but they wait for less time for response. On average, a lead will wait for two days to get back a response from you. Responding to leads within minutes or at the earliest as possible is crucial because it drives a better conversion. 

Discussing price too soon 

Don’t reveal your pricing details immediately in the first third of the sales calls. Make sure to establish value to the right decision-maker before talking about price. It is shown that discussing pricing in the first 15 minutes of a sales call isn’t converting it anywhere near as good.  

Talk about features instead of business  

Discussing features and benefits to your client is important, but it shouldn’t cover your overall conversation. Studies show that successful smart reps spend 52% of their time talking about the business rather than values and benefits. Buyers are more concerned about knowing the value they get when they use a feature. So, talk more about business value and less about technical things.  

No regular follow-up  

Studies show that reps give up too soon when trying to make contact with the leads and prospects. The fact is, it takes more than six calls to get a potential customer. Missing even a single lead would cost you thousands of dollars. Ensure to make a quick conversation with the leads and a continuous follow-up to convert them and make them feel that you value them. 

Hence these are the commonly made mistakes that will block the sales and conversion. A structured approach with continuous tracking is necessary. If you feel like you need assistance to take care of the sales and marketing part of business, as to escalate the revenue. Rap sales can assist you better with its cutting-edge features. It provides an end-to-end marketing service to your business and will help you to fulfill your business needs. Reach out to us to know more about our exciting feature offerings.

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