Launching a new product without sufficient market research is like wading into waters too deep to stand up in. Instinct doesn’t cut it here. Beyond gauging the initial curiosity, only sound marketing research will let you know with certainty whether your product will fly off the shelf or be forgotten in a dark corner.

While there is plenty more out where this came from, here are 5 free market research tools to help you gather basic important facts that can inform the sensibility in launching a new product or setting-up fresh.


  • Demographics – American Fact Finder & Nielsen MyBestSegments


The American Fact Finder helps you filter censual data related to age, race, income, locality etc.  Nielsen MyBestSegments gives you the demographics and lifestyle habits of an area. Additionally, it provides information on competitors in the neighbourhood and trend shifts. Using these tools you can ascertain where your target prospects are and create campaigns accordingly.


  • Content Keywords – Ubersuggest


Anyone in marketing knows how important content and keywords are. This particular tool helps you with this research. All you need to do is enter a phrase and it will list all related keywords. This helps immensely when creating powerful content with a good SEO.


  • Consumer Behaviour Trends – Think With Google Marketer’s Almanac


Every commercial enterprise banks on holidays and other special occasions to capitalise on the buying trends of the season. The Marketer’s Almanac tells you of trends, browsing patterns, and other insightful data to help you realise opportunities to connect with consumers at the opportune moment.


  • Creating a Persona – MakeMyPersona


A buyer persona utilises the analysis of buying behaviours to inform sales and marketing strategies. Creating a buyer persona can’t be done from the imagination but based on a combination of facts and ideals. MakeMyPersona is the implement that helps you create your buyer persona. You provide data based on questions it puts forth, and then it provides guidance while you classify your act.


  • Social Media Trends – Social Mention


Of course, all the buzz about anything is on social media. So the answer to getting in on this without joining every social group is Social Mention. All you need to do is add a word or phrase about what you want to know, and it jumps up a list of related topics and what’s going on in your area of involvement. The insight it generates lets you know what everyone is fussing about.

So there you go, the tools to go to when you sit down to the first draft of your marketing research!


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