Almost all consumers who have access to the internet use the Search Engine. This has made PPC Advertising a healthy competition between companies who are looking to get ahead of each other. Google alone hosts over 1 million advertisers, and search advertising aimed at desktop and mobile devices accounted for 49 percent of total digital advertising spend in 2016, as reported by IAB.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can improve your Google Adwords Campaign.

  1. Have clearly defined goals 

    This, most often get easily overlooked. Growing sales is definitely a goal, but it isn’t a clear one. Ensure you know what specific action that you are expecting your target audience to make. It could be completing a lead form or could be a phone call or a conversion by making a purchase. But whatever it is ensure your goals are clearly defined. It is also much better to set sales goals compared to improving your impressions. Brand awareness works better in other mediums like the Social Media.

  2. Check if your goals have customer demand 

    Research how many people are searching for your products. This is a very crucial check that you need to perform before starting your campaign. There is no point in trying to create ads that has lesser probability of performing and delivering results. You could use Google’s Keyword Planner to research this information. You must think like a consumer and write down all the keywords that suits your business. Enter the keywords that you think your prospects would use to search you on the internet. The tool would suggest you with similar relevant phrases. You could also see how often people search for those phrases and how competitive the keywords are and the cost of the keywords. Go to advanced options and make sure your preferences are set correctly.

  3. Be sure you can afford the keywords that you choose 

    Once you’ve done your research on the keywords that you need for your campaign, make sure you can afford the keywords that you’ve chosen. For this, you must calculate your Maximum Cost Per Click (Max. CPC). Compare your business’s Max CPC to the estimated Keyword CPC. If your Max CPC is $6 and the Keyword’s is $4, it is an encouraging sign. While, if your Max CPC is lesser than that of the keyword, it means you cannot afford the keyword. Here’s how you calculate your Max CPC.Max CPC = (profit per customer) x (1 – profit margin) x (website conversion rate)

    Let’s assume your average profit per customer is $300, and you convert 10 out of 1000 visitors (1% conversion). If you’re happy with 30% of profit, then,

    Your Max CPC = $300 x (1- 0.30) x (1%) = $2.10

    So, if your keyword’s estimated CPC is $10, you cannot do a profitably advertise unless you increase your profit per customer.

  4. Analyze what works for your competitors 

    You’ve found your buying intent keywords. You can reduce your risk even more by analyzing what works and what doesn’t work for you competitors. No matter what industry you belong to, you could definitely find some competitor of yours who would have already tried and tested adwords with multiple campaigns. You could use tools like Similar Web, Spyfu or Keyword Spy to gather this information. You could analyze how they get traffic to their website, not just their Google Adwords Campaign, see what keywords has been fruitful to them, etc.

  5. Strong USPsYour Unique Selling Proposition is crucial for the obvious reasons. Your USP is what differentiates between you and your competitors. Why should your prospects choose you instead of your competitors? The answer to this question should be convincing enough. Your USP should encourage people to click you. Your USP should be good enough to skyrocket your sales and improve your ROI. So how can you optimize your USP? Get back to square one. Focus on what differentiates you between your competitors. Write it down. Get a bit of help from your existing customers. Ask them why they chose you. This is where a feedback form plays an important role. Now analyze your competitor’s ads and find out how you are better than each one of them.

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