6 business functions that are safe to outsource to grow your business

6 business functions that are safe to outsource to grow your business

Most entrepreneurs, in an effort to keep costs down, become master and slave of their business. However, in trying to operate every aspect of their enterprise, when the business grows even an inch, it becomes tasking and ineffective to remain a one-person show. For one reason, they can’t focus on any one thing properly and the business suffers scattered attention. While there are a few things that an entrepreneur needs to keep their nose in, there are some functions that can be carried out more efficiently when outsourced to the experts. This allows you to grow at a faster pace without losing out on potential profits Here is a list of tasks that small businesses can benefit from by outsourcing.

1. Website footfall, conversions and possibly leads

Typically, when someone lands on your website page they don’t necessarily convert. They hesitate because they aren’t familiar enough with the company or product. So when someone visits your website, they have to be filtered through the marketing funnel and nurtured through the buying cycle before they become sales ready. This is a process that takes time. It involves moving of customers from the visitor stage to the stage of curiosity, and then genuine interest. This is done heavily with content marketing (blogs explaining your product, product reviews, e-mails, campaigns, podcasts, how-to videos, guides etc.), in combination with other strategies, like a good and a clean sales funnel, loyalty programs etc. that help move visitors down the funnel. And you have to figure out what strategies work for your company and product. Sounds daunting, doesn’t it! But you don’t have to handle this on your own. you can outsource it to the experts who will know what you need and help you increase conversions with the right sales and marketing activities.

2. Customer support

Good customer service means you are taking personal measures to cater to customers and gain their trust. And this trust is extremely important – difficult to gain and easy to lose. Customers don’t particularly care whether you are busy taking care of business. They want to know that you consider them worthy to your business, important enough to pay attention to properly, and that you appreciate their patronage. And in today’s age of e-commerce it isn’t at all hard for them to take their patronage elsewhere should they be displeased. To avoid getting yourself in a soup and losing customers, you can outsource your customer support to a virtual assistant. This is a person who understands the in and out of the industry, has knowledge about your business and values, and provides the best experience to your customers. Remember, customers can give you ca second chance with a bad product, but they will drop you like a hot brick if their experience with you was disagreeable.

3. Lead generation

In order to grow your business must be able to generate leads quickly. However, lead generation is something that requires constant monitoring, nurturing of customers, and constant customer engagement. Now, on the one hand it is imperative you maintain existing customers as they are your bread and butter. But on the other hand it is necessary to acquire new customers to scale your business’ growth. You can’t possibly have the time to handle this yourself and you may not have the funds to put together an in-house team. By outsourcing to a lead generation company you can increase the number of customers you have until you are big enough to hire your own marketing team.

4. Inventory tracking

When you outsource inventory tracking and fulfilment, you can focus your attention on growth and activities that generate money, whilst also benefitting from inventory that meets the demands of customers. On the other hand, trying to do this yourself can consume time and energy that you don’t have, leaving you to lose out on actual money-generating tasks.

5. Effective content marketing

Content marketing is about generating content around your business and what you do, in a way that it relates to the right customers and connects with them. It can be in the form of blogs, infographics, whitepapers, e-books, guides, or even webinars. With tailored campaigns and excellent content, you create interest, induce trust about your product, generate a following of people, and eventually convert them. All this is excellent for your marketing and sales. However, you may not be a good writer or know how to structure the right content for your audience. Yet you can not altogether abandon content marketing. By outsourcing it, you get the experts to do it for you and benefit from potential lead generation.

6. Financial analysis performance

The financial performance of your company reflects its monetary health, shows the areas requiring improvement, and dictates its future progress. Proper bookkeeping and accounting are key in managing finances and generating insightful reports about the business that are necessary for future plans. Most business people aren’t accountants. Accounting is a different industry altogether and you may not possess the skills required to handle it. By outsourcing your accounting or certain functions of accounting, like bookkeeping, you ensure the financial health and growth of the company.

As you can see, there is nothing to worry about when outsourcing these functions and you still have control over what is being done. By outsourcing it, you free up your time to focus on what you do best, whilst simultaneously benefitting from the expertise of the company you have outsourced to.


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