A Strong Sales Value Proposition is a Rock-Solid Foundation for Boosting Leads & Sales

A company’s sales value proposition statement defines its competitive advantage over other sellers in the market. Sales value proposition, sometimes simply called value proposition, contributes largely to lead generation and conversions, and could be the single factor that makes or breaks a sale.

A value proposition that talks of the tangible results opens sales doors faster. It is the reason why customers would want to purchase the product or service from your company only. It even addresses challenges and issues that the customer faces, and how they can be overcome by using the company’s product or service.

A strong value proposition should:

  • Convey the result it delivers in a way that grabs buyers’ attention.
  • Indicate how the product or service makes a difference to the customer’s current situation, and help him solve his problems.
  • Differentiate the brand from its competitors.
  • Be used to create other collaterals like presentations, proposals, and other marketing initiatives.

Before creating the value proposition, sales teams must identify target customers, understand the offer made to them, and analyze how different it is from competitors. Therefore, it is important for brands to customize their value proposition messaging based on:

The Prospect

Different customers face different challenges, problems, and needs – even with the same product or service. So, having a set of value proposition statements addressing each need or challenge can win customers over.

The Company

Each industry is unique and each company has its own priority as to what is important based on emerging new trends or trade events. Value propositions should be created keeping this mind.

The Product

Each product or service requires a completely different value proposition. Having a separate value proposition for each can bring better clarity to buyers.

When brands create different value proposition statements, they get clarity on their offerings and the business value they offer to customers. It also acts as a motivation for the sales teams to sell more.

Best Practices

Here are some best practices when creating a value proposition:

  • When building a website, the value proposition should be the first thing that visitors should see.
  • Value proposition consists of four elements – a headline, a sub headline, list of benefits, and any visual element (image or video) to reinforce the message.
  • Since customers have a reduced attention span, the value proposition should be created in such a way that it is easy to read and understand within 5 seconds.

Building a strong value proposition can lift the conversion rate, and hence sales to greater heights. Therefore, when your in-house sales teams are hard pressed for time to carry out consistent lead generation efforts, partnering with a marketing and sales company can be the ideal solution. It also gives your sales teams much-needed time to focus on other opportunities to grow the business.

If you want to attract the attention of potential prospects and accelerate your buyer’s decision-making process, RAP can assist you in your endeavors. We are a full lifecycle sales and marketing company focused on improving your sales efficiency and ROI from marketing through smart lead generation techniques. With RAP, you will have a solid lead generation system in place that can accelerate revenue quickly. If you want to explore working with us, get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help.

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