A decade ago, websites were built to showcase a company’s products and services. A few years later, search engine optimization was carried out for users to spot them easily on Google. Today, the company website has become a valuable marketing asset that drives digital success. And, the key to this success lies in content management through digital media and channels.

Delivering a clear and consistent product story is more important than ever before. Today, campaigns are run across multiple marketing channels. From thought leadership content pieces, to articles that speak from the customer’s view point, different types of content are required to stay competitive. Each customer touchpoint needs a content piece for its users to access and consume. It’s not only the search engines, social content also needs to deliver, to feed the growing number of social media users.

Social Media Presence

For a company to be widely known, social media marketing content is of prime importance. Content can go in as many as 280 characters (Twitter), or as a video (YouTube) on product features. Therefore, content needs to be adapted to suit the channel, and presented in appropriate forms (audio, video, or written). It must be remembered, that in social media, content travels at the speed of light. Therefore, it needs to be competitive enough to cut across competitor content and present new experiences, that will garner customer attention.

Content Story

Brands need to send out personalized content for each of its niche user segments, instead of addressing the customer base as a whole. Content should be conversational, on a one-on-one basis. Put together, all the conversations must address the bigger, unified product or service story. Moreover, customers are Internet-savvy and are armed with all the necessary information about the product or service before-hand. Therefore, no matter how many versions of the content are available for different audiences, and different media, the content story needs to be kept simple and clear.


The analytics of the shared content are available, almost instantly, once it is posted. It is possible to get a complete aggregation of data across channels, including information such as, what the audience is searching on Google, or who is clicking the link in email campaigns.

For digital success, brands need to understand their customer base, and how their product or service helps solve specific issues and problems. An efficient content management system can help manage content smartly by devising a content strategy that focuses on content creation, re-use, and presentation. Therefore, having a separate sales and marketing arm to plan and drive campaigns is imperative for complete digital reach and success.

Do you want to offer a high-quality content experience for your customers?  The right partner can sometimes be the best option. RAP is a full life cycle sales and marketing company committed to offering exceptional content management services for customers across the globe. If you are interested in knowing how we can help you drive digital success through better reach and engagement via  smart content management, feel free to drop us a line and we’d be glad to help.

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