Critical components of inbound marketing campaigns

Critical Components of Inbound Marketing Campaigns

So whether you’re planning your marketing strategy as a whole or developing a specific marketing campaign to achieve a particular goal, we’ve put together a little plan to reduce a daunting task to a manageable one. 79%Inbound leads on average cost 61% less as compared to outbound leads and 3 out of 4 inbound marketing channels cost less than any outbound channel. Inbound marketing campaigns are designed around one goal, across a variety of connected channels. Properly executed inbound marketing is 10x more effective than outbound of the companies report a positive ROI for inbound marketing

Inbound marketing campaigns are the best way to get new opportunities to your business. Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, inbound marketing approaches a variety of channels to achieve one goal. Properly executed inbound marketing with a better plan is 10x more effective than outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is proven to be effective and cost-efficient with the report that 79% of companies experienced positive ROI. So, if you’re planning for a marketing strategy to achieve your business goals. Rundown our critical components

Comprehend the right target audience and track their journey

Inbound marketing is built to attract consumers through various marketing channels. But to make it effective you need to set a goal and target the right audience to achieve that goal. While planning a marketing strategy defining the right audience is an initial and crucial step to follow.

Instead of building a marketing campaign with an effective goal and sending it to a common audience. Build a buyer persona based on certain metrics like demography, customer behavior patterns, their previous purchase experience and target the right buyer persona. Track their buyer journey through phases like awareness, consideration, and decision.

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your target customer, based on market research and data about your existing customers. It takes into account customer demographics, behavior patterns (including how the customer finds information), motivations, goals, and more

Identify the buyer personas that your campaign will target but also consider the buyer’s journey.

Content strategies

Content is always crucial in inbound marketing but it is constructive when it is systematic, consistent and customer-centric in approach. Develop a content strategy by considering these 3 things: who is your target audience? Are you targeting based on a user persona? While using a content marketing strategy you can cater to more than one type of customer. Based on the buyer persona you can deliver different content to a different type of audience.

Content marketing can be done through various promotion channels such as email marketing campaigns, blogs, paid media placements, social media posts, podcasts, infographics, and case studies.  Distribute your marketing campaign on the audience predicate channel so it is easy to consume and decide.

Nurture leads

Neglecting your lead follow-ups will also affect the goal of your campaigns. As your campaigns don’t end when your visitors convert on your landing page. Nurture to nudge the lead to make a purchase and also your ultimate goal is to build a long-term relationship

Reports of analytics

All your planning and executing is done. Now go back to your goal plan and track your marketing process, use analytics reports to scrutinize your progress. Utilize analytics tools like Google Analytics, Hubspot, etc.,

Handling all the verticals with one accord is not as easy as said but inbound marketing cannot be neglected.  How to manage your business marketing campaigns? Rap Sales with standardized marketing strategies provides end-to-end marketing for your business.  Reach us out to kickstart better sales and revenue with RAP.

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