Easy To Implement Marketing Strategies To Get The Holiday Sales Rolling

Easy-To-Implement Marketing Strategies To Get The Holiday Sales Rolling

By putting a few marketing strategies into place beforehand, your holiday sales will come in leaps and bounds!

  1. Exclusive holiday sales: This is an excellent promotional tool. Moreover, the deadline gets customers to act faster than they otherwise would. And you could attract new customers who then become regulars in an instant.
  2. Decoration in the window: For the same reason brick-and-mortars have decoration in their windows you need decoration on your social media pages and preferably on your website, too. It brings in the warm, fuzzy cheer of the festival itself and also reminds customers about the holiday around the corner for which they need to be shopping.
  3. Free shipping: With all the drama of holidays people are bound to need things even last minute. By offering free shipping where other stores don’t, you attract a lot more customers who are trying to save a buck on the already expensive holiday. Don’t forget to promote the perk though and state how soon they must shop to receive it on time.
  4. Gift guide: People usually don’t know what to buy. This gives you an opportunity to put together lesser known products in combination with products you want to promote, and create a good gift guide. Mail this to customers.
  5. Blogger reviews: It’s an excellent time to send bloggers free products to review in time for the holidays so people can make informed choices about the perfect gift without your help. The exposure can help drive website traffic.
  6. Festive designs for mailers: Let the holiday spirit trickle through everything. Use a bit of festive design, text and copy when crafting holiday campaigns and promotional messages. Get the attention of the message with the design!
  7. Related product hampers: Put together related products so people know how they can be matched and you can cross-sell. E.g. dress, shoes, belt, bag. Then put together similar products so you can upsell. E.g. watch and better watch. It makes it a lot easier for the harried shopper while also increase the AOV.
  8. Free gift cards: Who doesn’t love a gift card. Encourage shoppers to shop by offering gift cards of different amounts for different bill values. Shoppers tend to spend that extra bit of money to get a gift card, and the gift card makes them return later.
  9. Limited time referrals: If you have a customer loyalty program, you can get devoted customers or members to spread the word about special promotions in exchange for special discounts. Again, by adding the deadline you make them tick faster.
  10. Transparency of the return policy: The stress of getting the right gift in the right size makes people check out return policies before committing to a store. Be upfront though. Try and be flexible about returning things that need to be exchanged for size or colour. Be clear about what products can’t be exchanged.
  11. Reduced abandoned carts: Shoppers will second guess their buys. Understand why they abandoned the cart. Invest in a tool to detect abandoned carts. Use the opportunity to connect with them, reminding them they left something they were interested in, or informing them if that product or a similar one is on sale.
  12. Holiday spirit charity: Many customers remember how fortunate they are to be able to spend money. Add a charitable element to the shopping frenzy. In the checkout page, allow customers the option to donate a small amount of money (even 2 dollars) to a charity. Don’t forget to explain what the charity is for.


These are the basic ways you can make a difference to your business in the holidays. And don’t forget, it doesn’t end with a sale! There is plenty happening afterwards that you shouldn’t dismiss if you want to keep the sales cycle turning.

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