Facts to Look Before Running Ads on Social Media

Social media is the best opportunity to build brand awareness. It is one of the most important channels for advertisement campaigns. The platform is powerful and it is also true that each platform has its own unique audience, so it is important to plan and cater content accordingly.

Why social media ad is effective?

Social media advertising is effective because in 2019 statistics show 3.2 billion users worldwide. Facebook remains the most widely used platform with 2.3 billion active users monthly. From the statistics, it is evident that social media is always a more effective way to nurture leads and convert into loyal long-term consumers. As the strategies are ever-evolving you can’t fix with one and work on it always. It keeps changing and also seeks your attention.

Be mindful of these 5 facts while planning your Ad strategies

1. Establish goals to achieve

Set the right objective first to achieve. While launching an ad campaign it is important to have a goal to achieve and to know what value it brings to you. Make it clear whether the ad is to increase sales or to create brand awareness. Having set with a goal it will be helpful in planning strategies and measure success.

2. Understand your audience

One of the important factors and the very first step is to gather your user persona and hit the right audience. As many campaigns are unsuccessful because it didn’t reach the right audience. As yourself questions like what is my target? Who is my audience? What problem the product faced earlier and to which set of audience it was targeted? Answers to these questions will help you target the right audience while running ad campaigns. If you don’t narrow down then you will be simply using up a budget but no value in return.

3. Research on best platforms

As we have discussed initially, the audience differs from platform to platform. So it is important to check the audience group that you’re targeting and the right platform to target them. You can have different metrics to classify audiences like based on demography, location and also user persona. According to a survey, around 95.8% of conversions happen with the best ROI on FB and 63.5% on Twitter. This shows that you should be clear about the platform and the audience category and never mess up.

4. Reports to measure your success

Running a successful social media campaign can be evaluated through reports. In social media ad campaigns, it is easy to track the actions with tools and get reports. The reports will be helpful in analyzing whether the campaign was successful or not, to determine what going well and what is not? You can get immediate feedback about the progress and outcome of the ad campaign for future references.

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