How to Connect with C-Level Executives

The success of a sales team lies in making the right connections which ultimately leads to sales. Many sales leaders follow the concept of “contact marketing”, which is a combination of both marketing and selling techniques to connect with C-level executives. Here, the selling team sends out specific campaigns to connect with senior leadership in order to influence their decisions. If you want to deploy contact marketing to improve your sales prospects, here are three things you need to do.

1. Highlight value sans sales pitch

When you have a chance to display your product to the C-executive group, the first thing you need to do is create a meaningful connection. The campaign must identify the top leadership’s specific challenges in solving a particular problem in the company. The objective is to convey how you can deliver something of value that will make a difference to the issues faced by the executive.

2. Reward when meeting request is accepted

If the request for contact is accepted, offer a reward instantly. The most suitable reward would be in the form of a free white paper, case study, free analysis, or relevant research study conducted by a leading group. The idea is to keep adding value at each touch base that can help the executives address some issue or problem at their end. An important point to remember here is to include the top leadership’s executive assistant in the email communication. Personalized thank you notes can be used to express your appreciation for their help in getting to the executives faster.

3. Conduct a flawless meeting

There are many productivity tools in the market that can schedule meetings on all the participant’s calendars. ScheduleOnce and TimeTrade are appointment scheduling software that can be used for this purpose. Let the meeting be an informed conversation about the executive’s challenges and issues faced in the company. Share case studies of similar issues, and how the company has gained a competitive advantage through your service or product.  The main tip here is to first explore options for solving issues instead of starting the meeting assuming your offer is the best for them.

Contact marketing requires sales teams to make the right moves in order to get the desired result of making a sales deal. It takes extensive research and effort to put the right things together and stand out as someone the executive needs to get to know. Following the above sequence can make you the best person to help the executives reach their goals. Apart from contact marketing, sales teams need to run multiple campaigns to people at different levels to pitch their product or service.

Sales and marketing enablement providers are transforming the way organizations conduct business today. Partnering with such a company allows you to focus on your core business, while the partner takes care of campaigns, follow-ups, scheduling demos, etc. RAP is a leading full lifecycle sales and marketing company having extensive experience in driving business success through a range of services. If you want to explore working with us, drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.

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