How to Tackle the most common B2B Sales Objections

How to Tackle the Most Common B2B Sales Objections

Whatever business you’re in, Getting objections during your sales process is expected. Though it is frustrating it can be an option for you to pick the right prospects and weed out. It can be no more frustrating if you have killing inbound strategies.

Let us look out the main objections, what you can do to handle and overcome such objections like BANT(Budget, Authority, Need and Timeframe)


Budget is one of the common objections you get when you try to lead a prospect. Before hitting your prospect know the reliability rates given by the competitors, this will help you have superiority and to showcase your unique value.

Also, make sure that you don’t question or address the budget-related questions until the exact need is identified. Get to the root of the objection and then talk about the pricing details and provide a discount if it’s valuable.


This objection or issue is common with companies that have multiple decision-makers. You’ll often get a slip from someone and there is nothing worse than putting all your effort or running around someone who isn’t the right person to discuss offerings. Though this seems to be small, validate it and find the right concerned problem. Try to address the right decision-maker and explain that you’re the right resource for their company. In this way, you can make a sale.


This objection is one of the hardest nuts to crack because they have point to reject the product you’re trying to sell like we don’t need your product or your product is hard to use. Like the previous objection, get to the root and pick their issue. No matter whatever reasons they say, get to the bottom before moving any further.

If your prospect is really skeptical about your product, try to give a touch of fear with insights about the competition and some of the changes they had in business in which your client lags. Also, try using some hard data like statistics and blogs to convince. Inbound marketing works wonders here as 51%  marketers reported positive results.


Procrastination is common! Most prospects don’t make decisions right away, to your surprise almost 80% of converted prospects are marked as bad initially. Try to get answers to your questions like what are your company’s priorities or what is their upcoming project? This will help you to figure out the right strategy to hit them. Nurture email campaigns to create a trust that you value them and this will keep you at the forefront of their mind. Knowing their upcoming project will help you to emphasize on how much better it would be to purchase your product before the big change.

Ultimately, knowing how to address these objections could help you close a sale … or just disqualify a lead from being a fit for your company. Handling sales objections and turning it into a positive lead is quite tricky. Need assistance in it? RAP sales is an expert in making sales and revenue for businesses! It can provide end-to-end marketing solutions for your business based on your requirements. Drop a line to know more about our exciting features.

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