Importance of Periodic Follow-Ups With Prospects

Prospects followup is the utmost job of any salesperson. According to Hubspot, 80% of sales require at least five calls to get a lead and four out of five would be a ‘No’. regular cold emails and calls work but it often needs multiple touches to make conversion happen.

Prospects value your approach only if they feel that you value them. Follow-ups resemble your value and care. Make follow-up calls to create value but never take a chance to annoy them.

Our tactics would help you to strategies your follow-up in a better way and create a  good impression when you connect to a lead.

Mark a follow-up table

Follow a time table to know when to call your clients, with these strategies you won’t be missing any prospect. Because follow-ups should happen on a regular basis not when you get a chance to call. Segregate the time table for active leads and passive leads so that you can plan your communication process accordingly to hit it right.

Pitch-in right time

To ultimate goal is to make lead conversation and not to irritate users with continuous calls and emails. There are times and days of the week where you can avoid calling your prospects because of the possibilities of getting neglected is high. Researches show that 49% of the phone call and 26% of email conversion occurred on Thursday, which is considered as the best day to make follow-up calls.

Show variations in your email templates

Follow-ups are repetitive but it cannot be boring. It is crucial to show variation in your email content and make it personalized. Making a meaningful interaction with varied content and template. The idea of the email template is to make an effective variation in approaching and to leverage sales. Increase the email quality to have positive follow-up results

Follow varied follow-up strategies

Reach out the right prospects in all possible mediums. Sometimes you can leverage better conversions through social media posts than email strategies and vice versa. Hit the client base through all acceptable methodologies like cold calling, emails, tweets, and texts.

Track your analytics reports 

Track your follow-ups analytics, this is going to be interesting. With the analytic report, you can analyze your prospect’s journey and what made them convert or ignore? Is it the subject line or content or Is it the time? That made them ignore. You can examine and a better answer and balance with these reports.

Balance in your follow-up is crucial. Scrutinizing and rectifying the errors can increase the conversion rate and leads way to new opportunities.

Your marketing and sales team can utilize these follow-up tactics or can combine them with their outstanding strategies to have a  successful business. But do you feel like having effective assistance for your marketing and follow-ups? . RAP can cater it for you, our lead generation feature helps you to skyrocket your sales and boost your revenue.  RAP lends a hand to potent your sales and marketing. Interested to know more, drop us a line.

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