Blog 21 Improve Your Sales E-Mail Response Rate

Improve Your Sales E-Mail Response Rate By Making These Tiny Tweaks

Previously we discussed how e-mail marketing premised on the buyer persona can generate rewarding conversion rates.

In this blog we discuss ways to craft the e-mail itself, to receive better response and engagement.

  1. Don’t try to sell in the subject line. The subject line must be something relevant to the message in e-mail but also intriguing enough to get the e-mail opened.
  2. Create a subject line with the objective of getting the e-mail opened. On reading the subject line, the receiver should at least be curious enough not to delete the mail immediately. If they are trashing it at a glance without a thought to spare, your subject line isn’t working.
  3. The subject line is the one-time chance you have with your favourite celebrity.  What would you say to this person to get them to talk to you and want to know more about you without calling security?
  4. If you are interacting with the prospect for the first time, your relationship with them is distant and cold. The length of your e-mail should be inversely proportionate to this distance and relationship temperature. The colder it is the shorter it must be.
  5. Remember that if it is 100% cold, your prospect is highly likely to delete your e-mail rather than scroll to find out the rest. So if you want them to pay any attention to you at this stage, create simple content that fits on a single screen on a mobile and doesn’t need to be scrolled beyond the first page.
  6. At this point they don’t know you and they don’t trust you. So don’t send them attachments yet. They won’t open it.
  7. There is something extremely irksome in being asked to do something by someone you don’t know. Moreover, you need the prospect; as far as they are concerned, they don’t need you. So don’t make them do work, like going to a certain link and filling up something, or asking them to direct you to the right person.
  8. Don’t make the e-mail about yourself and what your company wants. Use the word “you” more often than “we” and “I,” wherever you can, especially at the beginning of a sentence. Make them important. Show them what they gain, rather than how they can make you gain something!
  9. The best way to check if you sound idiotic or absurd in the e-mail is to read the copy aloud or to a teammate before sending the e-mail.  Reading it out aloud (as opposed to reading in your mind) always shines light on how clumsy, weird or awkward it really sounds. Then change it.
  10. Focus on conveying the message without too many distractions in the form of links, attachments or numerous CTAs.  These only increase the chance of your mail getting spammed.
  11. Leave a voicemail first (voicemails followed by e-mails from the same source in the prospect’s inbox get the email opened at a 35% higher rate).
  12. Keep the copy clean, simple, and easy to read. Massy paragraphs deter people from reading at all. Befriend the white space. Don’t smother the entire space with design, text and image.
  13. Don’t talk to the prospect like they don’t know.
  14. Your messaging speaks to the person who receives it. Are your words making you sound arrogant, interruptive, bossy, or like you’re hectoring the prospect, or do they sound respective and engaging?

Those are 14 basic principles that marketers and sales reps forget, that usually get the door slammed in their face or not opened at all.

Follow them right and you will see a 35% higher open rate and improved response rates.

It’s also usually a good idea to pair these practices with industry grade e-mail building best practices to get the best engagement and ROI from your e-mail campaigns.

So chop chop! Get to tweaking those e-mails then!


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