Spin the Wheel – Connecting with Prospects’ Personality Types

Closing a sales deal can take a considerable amount of time. Most often, sales deals entail effort to win over customers, especially tough ones.  Thus, the ability to connect and converse well with prospects can help the sales team to work more efficiently and effectively, and drive more conversions.

It’s like a dating game – as with dating, sales reps must tailor their approach to the personality of the prospect for a greater chance of success. Like the spin of a roulette wheel, you never know what type of personality your prospect will have, so reps must be prepared for various personality types. When sales teams understand the personalities of the prospects, conversations can be steered in the right direction for a successful outcome.

Types of Personality

The personality of a person defines him and his approach to life. It includes the way he communicates, makes decisions, and most of all the way he connects with others. You’ve heard of the Myers Briggs personality types. Well there’s a simpler way to quickly identify the overall category of your prospect’s personality. People can be categorized into four personality colors – Blue, Gold, Green and Orange.

  • Blues are empathetic, compassionate, and cooperative.
  • Oranges are expressive, outgoing, and energetic.
  • Greens are analytical, intuitive, and visionary.
  • Golds are punctual, disciplined, and organized.

Prospects in each group have a distinct personality and hence require a different way of connecting. For example, with Gold prospects, there is no need for any small talk. Reps can get straight to the point, rather than engaging in small talk which is likely to irritate the prospect. Gold prospects value results over personal relationships, and hence like to keep the discussion short and concise.

However, sales reps must build rapport with blues and oranges before moving on to the sales talk. Talking about family, friends, parties, and vacations can make the conversation lively and interesting for these prospects. Blue personalities are slow to make decisions, so it is important to guide them through the decision-making process with internal selling.

Orange personalities are creative and spontaneous, so reps cannot rely only on numbers to prove the point. They need to present case studies to demonstrate real results. Prospects with green personalities love facts and figures. They connect with reps instantly when topics such as technology updates or industry statistics are discussed.

Regardless of the personality color, after the initial connect, sales reps need to encourage prospects to talk about their current challenges and future goals of the business. This can help reps to align the solution with those challenges and objectives, and create a sense of urgency for the product or service offering. After the meeting, reps can periodically drop an email if there is a new feature or an update released that is relevant to the prospect’s situation or company. This helps when the prospects proceed further down the sales funnel; they will be well-informed on how your product or service will suit them.

Sales reps need to invest a lot of time and effort to reach the stage of finalizing the deal and signing the contract. Therefore, organizations need to coach sales reps on how to connect and handle conversations with prospects of different types of personalities. Conversational sales coaching leads to shorter sales cycles and higher win rates. To stand out from the crowd and build a lasting relationship with the prospects, an efficient sales and marketing partner can help reps achieve faster conversions and sales closures.

If you are looking for such a partner to push your organization to the forefront, RAP can be of assistance. RAP is a leading full lifecycle sales and marketing company empowering organizations to increase their sales team’s efficiency and bottom-line growth. Drop us a line if you would like to explore working with us.

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