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Why Are Your Inbound Marketing Results Going Awry?

Inbound vs. Outbound – inbound wins hands down!

It is 4x more effective!

In fact many people rightly believe that outbound marketing belongs to a bygone era before the internet came about. However, whilst the reasons for this may currently reign, there are ways for it to be done that yield exactly what you don’t want from your hard marketing endeavours. Additionally, with everyone gravitating towards this method, it’s harder to make a dent with prospects.

To ensure you aren’t using inbound marketing as a new-fangled MO that’s all furiously sparkly without a hint of substance, in this 6-blog series we enumerate and elucidate where your inbound marketing results can go askew.


Buyer personas are built up partly on who you think your ideal customer is and who your actual customers are. When it isn’t backed by real, adequate and constantly updated data, here is what happens:

  • The buyer persona ill-informs the sales and marketing strategies.
  • Campaigns don’t resonate with the clientele.
  • Strategies fail.

A buyer persona is not so much a profiling as much as it is a deliberation and analysis of the buying behaviours. If you’re wondering how this is still relevant today, take a look at the following reasons.

  • The Original Reason: The concept of the Buyer Persona was created to understand all the wh-questions involved in buying behaviours and the buying journey – who is buying, what problem does this purchase solve, why this product, the reasons, opinions and motivations to choose it, what drove the decision to zero in on this one product over the others, where did they buy it from, and at what point in time. Furthermore, it researches and explores the ethnic, demographical, business and digital ethos that dictate buying behaviours. This data is collaborated to understand who your actual buyers are and to model who your ideal buyer will be. This is not fictional but archetypal.
  • What this Research Helps: Once you have this data, you know who your customers are today. When you know who your customers are you can accurately model the buyer persona on them. This is the reason buyer personas aren’t a one-big-effort-for-posterity undertaking. Instead it is something that must be re-visited and revised every now and again. Because your buyers, the current times, the lifestyle and needs of people, and the technology are always changing and you need to keep up.
  • Informing Sales & Marketing Strategies: With this buyer persona, you are now at an advantage because you can focus your marketing endeavours based on this ideal buyer. You can sift through your content and create trenchant campaigns to target specific interests and sieve out prospects that don’t belong with you. It becomes relevant (as opposed to being generic or hit-and-miss) since you have the base to personalize your messages.
  • Nurturing Prospects Intelligently: The buyer persona gives you clues and insight into how and why your customers or prospects shop the way they do. When you can understand their thought process and decision-making influences you can tap-in and guide them decisively towards what may be your product and their answer.

Buyer personas act as the maven that needs to be consulted to angle a smart leverage.


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